Tally Prime – The Next Generation Tally Accounting Software by the Tally Solution

Tally Prime – The Next Generation Tally Accounting Software by the Tally Solution

As we all know that tally is been working for the last 30 years in making the software of accounting which always help the business and the industrialist in the automate your accounting, inventory, compliance, etc.

In the past few months tally have been working on the new product which provide the familiar experience of tally and now they had announced with the name Tally Prime.

What is Tally Prime?
Tally prime is the latest software of the tally solution or we can say that the upcoming latest version after tally ERP 9.According to Tally, Tally Prime will offer you the before feature of Tally with new look and feel which will amaze your overall Tally experience as a user. Tally Prime is upcoming ERP software by tally solutions with a whole new user experience and benefits. So the Tally ERP 9 is now being an out dated version of tally or we can say the journey of tally ERP 9 had come to an end now. As we know that tally are the powerful software tools to manage & improve your business operations. Tally Solutions announced its latest version as the Tally Prime.

When will the new update will be released in the market for the users?
Tally Prime update has been expected in the second week of November 2020 by tally solutions. Only a valid TSS is enough to upgrade to Tally Prime,As per subject to guidelines and policies set by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

How to download Tally Prime in Window and Mac?
It’s free to cost to download for all the users who had licensed Tally ERP 9 Software and having a valid TSS Subscription then you will surely get the update to Tally Prime by the Tally Solution.

Well sorry to say that the new Tally Prime software can only be operated in 64 bit operating system so if you have 32 bit operating system then you will not be able to install the software. So if you want to run the Tally prime software you have to upgrade your computer system as soon as possible. The Existing Tally ERP 9 with valid Tally TSS subscriptions users will get upgrade for free to Tally Prime.

For the students who want to learn Tally Prime can get educational version of the software for free in tally official website.

Tally Prime Experience
• New design look & Feel
• New Transaction Experience
• Effective Report Experience

Prime Navigation
• Top Menu
• Go To
• New helpful Shortcuts

Prime Technology
• Self-Repair & Help
• Remote Access & TRiB (Tally Report in Browser)
• Save Paper- Optimize Printing

Tally Prime Features
• Ability to handle multi-state GST
• Connected Environment with GSTN
• Easy Navigation
• Easy to Implement
• Blazing Fast Speed
• Support Multi-Tasking
• Dropdown Menu Support
• Excellent User Interface
• Connected Environment with Bank & GSTN
• Delightful new experience
• Handle simple and advance Transactions
• Simple and secured connected services