TallyPrime Release 1 with Features List

TallyPrime Release 1 with Features List

TallyPrime Release 1 with Features List

TallyPrime gives you a simple and consistent experience, along with ease of discoverability of features across.

As you launch TallyPrime, the new splash screen reflects the product identity while you wait for the application to open.

On the Fly Access | Go To/Switch To
Consistent & Easy Interactions
List Experience | Selection Table
Enhanced Capabilities in Reports
Ease of Data Entry | Vouchers & Masters
Company Creation
Features & Preferences | F11 & F12
Application & Task Management | Top Menu
Product Information | About Page
Cost-Effective Printing
Analyse Your Data & Verify Vouchers and Masters
Extension for VAT, Service Tax, and Excise

Product Improvements

This section lists the changes in features due to updates in functionality or fixing issues.

  • Latest GST Returns Templates
  • TDS Deductions
  • TCS Report
  • Company Creation based on Country and its Currenty
  • Sales Voucher
  • Sales Invoice
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Delivery Note
  • Supplementary details
  • Purchase Order
  • Payroll
  • Web access
  • Synchronisation
  • Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Keyboard languages
  • Date format when importing Bank Statements
  • Fetching values using ODBC

Deprecated Features

  • 32-bit Application
  • 32-bit ODBC
  • e-Sugam
  • LBT
  • Schedule VI Balance Sheet
  • Tax Audit & Stat Audit
  • SMS
  • Password strength setting for Company administrator
  • Status Bar