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CDAC Overview

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is an institution established in March 1988 as a scientific Society of the Department of Information Technology (formerly Dept. of Electronics) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. C-DAC is India’s National Initiative in advanced computing. C-DAC has developed the celebrated PARAM series of “Open Frame Architecture” super computers for India. This has made India, one of the members of the select club of most advanced nations in supercomputing. Other major contribution of C-DAC to India is its Multi-Lingual Computing popularly known as the GIST Technology. C-DACis governed by a Member Governing Council by the Hon’ble Minister for Communication and Information Technology.

In a decade and half since its inception, C-DAC has established its brand image as a premier R&D institution of national and international repute working in advanced areas of electronics and information technology, developing and deploying IT Products and solutions for diverse sectors of Technology. C-DAC has also been providing solutions, support, and services to various state govts. Such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala. C-DAC’s initiatives were also instrumental in implementing the Gujarat government IT policy of “Promotion of Gujarati on Computer”. This was made possible by providing C-DAC GIST Gujarati Software for office computerization, e-governance and web based application etc. this implementing easy and friendly work-environment in Gujarat.

Advantages of C-DAC

  • C-DAC is scientific society under ministry of commination and information technology Govt. of India (refer website: )
  • C-DCA certificate is valid for registration in Employment office
  • C-DAC “CCC” certificate is valid for new recruitment of Govt. of Gujarat.
  • C-DAC is authorized for “giving Training to GoG Employees for CCC Courses.
  • Karnataka State Open University and Sikkim Manipal University has considered C-DAC’s PGDCA for Lateral Entry.
  • For more information refer our website:

About GIST

GIST (Graphics and Intelligence based Script Technology) is the initiative of putting Indian Language and their complex script as well as grammatical structure into the computer, rather on all fonts of IT. Today the Multi-lingual GIST Technology is deployed in the forms of packaged products for applications such as data processing, word processing, publishing, graphic design, multimedia, video works etc. on a wide range of platform such as the Internet, Windows, UNIX, MAC, DOS and custom built hardware.


Objective: Imparting quality computer education at a reasonable cost. With the intension to take the GIST Technology to the grass root levels, the PACE programme was developed to impart training in basic & high end computing using the Indian languages as the medium. This initiative was started in January, 1996. This training programme has been named as Programme for Advancing Computer Education – PACE (CDAC PACE). This programme gives every individual an opportunity to enhance his/her computer knowledge at a very economical rate. With this initiative, C-DAC has used the quality intellectual base that it posses to create an excellent training infrastructure. This has been one of the first deployments, which has met with extraordinary success across all sections of India. PACE Programme is closely monitored by C-DAC and its state level coordinators, to ensure a close interaction with users and maintain high quality of instruction. There are a number of courses offered through the PACE Programme, these are Certificates, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate courses, designed to address the needs of large spectrum of students. C-DAC PACE programme has established a network of over 300 centers spread all across India including 90 centres in Gujarat. With a nationwide reach the programme is able to serve the needs of IT training of the masses.

PACE ATC (Authorized Training Centers)

Under the PACE banner, training centers are called C-DAC GIST PACE Authorized Training Centers. All C-DAC centers are well equipped with the latest software, hardware and with a state of art infrastructure. Thus all the authorized centers provide an excellent environment for students to develop their computing knowledge To ensure better understanding of the concepts, the courses are taught in the local languages and at a very reasonable fee through these bureaus. Other than the medium of teaching, the courses are so structured that, those desirous a career in the software industry, can do so at an affordable price.

Course Structure and Certificates

All C-DAC courses are designed with special feature to ensure rich, cost-effective and supportive training to the student and provide a strong career foundation. After the successful completion of course, C-DAC awards the certificate.

Vision of C-DAC

To emerge as the premier R&D institution for the design, development and deployment of world class electronic and IT solutions for economic and human advancement.

Admission Details

  • Admission forms are provided in triplicate along with the prospectus
  • Admissions are open from 1st to 10th of every month.
  • Courses start in the 2nd week of every month.
  • Student must fill in the feedback form available in the prospectus or on the website and send it to C-DAC on completion of 50% of his or her course (with respect to the duration).
  • Student Identity Card is endorsed solely by C-DAC, Pune by pasting a hologram on it.


  • Examinations will be conducted in the 3rd week of every month.
  • Each student will be given a total of four chances to appear for examinations on completion of the course duration.
  • The 4 due dates of exams will be mentioned in the application form and the Identity Card, beyond which the student will not be allowed to appear for further examinations.


  • Certificates will be issued by C-DAC through the Authorized Regional Coordinators within three months from the date of examination.
  • A student may get in touch with C-DAC directly, in case he / she does not receive the certificate after 3 months from the date of examination.
  • Students should provide a proof of payment (complete course fee) and C-DAC attested Student I- card in such cases.
  • Certification requests without the above-mentioned documents would be considered as null and void, would not be processed.

Course Conversion / Up Gradation

  • Student should pay the difference in the course fee for converting a Certificate course into a Diploma course apart from the previous course fee. In this case the Student ID No. will remain the same.