Top 25 SEO Questions Asked In An Interview

SEO Question

Top 25 SEO Questions Asked In An Interview

Basic Questions And Answers For A Search Engine Optimization Interview

1. What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is The Process Of Boosting Your Website To Increase Its Visibility People Search For Products Or Services That Are Related To Your Business On Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Etc. It Is The Procedure Used For The Optimization Of A Website’s Technological Setup, Content Significance, And Link Popularity So It Pages Can Become Effortlessly Identifiable On A Webpage, Relevant And Popular Towards Visitor’s Search Queries, And, As A Result, Search Engines Will Rank Better.

2. What Is The Difference Between Organic Traffic And Paid Traffic?

Organic Traffic Is The Traffic That Your Website Gets Naturally Through Search Engines Like Google And Yahoo. Paid Traffic, On The Other Hand, Is The Traffic Obtained Through Your Website Through Paid Advertisements. In Other Words, The Search Engines Like Google And Yahoo Or The Websites Where You Have Placed Your Advertisements Refer People To Your Website. Whereas, There Is No Referral Involved With Organic Or Natural Traffic.

3. What Are Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic, And Social Media Marketing Traffic?

Direct Traffic Refers To Traffic In Which The Visitor Directly Types The URL Of A Website And Visits The Website Directly, Referral Traffic Means Visitors Visit Our Website Through Links From Other Websites By Clicking On The Link, Lastly Social Media Marketing Traffic Means Visitors Participate In Our Website Through Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc.

4. What Are The Three Types Of SEO Techniques?

The Three Types Of SEO Techniques Are A) White Hat Techniques; B) Grey Hat Techniques; And C) Black Hat Techniques.

  • White Hat SEO Refers To The Practises That Are Ethical, Acceptable By The Search Engines, And Legally Correct.
  • Grey Hat SEO Refers To The Techniques That Are Riskier Than The Above One Because They Manipulate The Search Engine To Increase The Rank Of Websites.
  • Black-Hat SEO Is The Riskiest Technique. This Is The Unethical Way, And Then The Search Engines Impose A Penalty Or Ban The Website Later.

5. What Are The Different Categories Of SEO?

There Are Two Different Categories Of SEO Which Are: On-Page SEO And Off-Page SEO.

6. What Is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO Refers To Optimizing’s Our Own Website In Order To Rank Higher In Search Engine Results.

7. What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO Is The Name Given To SEO Strategies Used To Raise A Website’s Rankings From Outside The Website. These Strategies Frequently Involve Guest Posting, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, And Other Techniques.

8. What Is Page Rank?

Page Rank Refers To The Algorithm Used By Search Engines Such As Google, Yahoo, And Bing To Rank Websites Based On Relevance And Importance.

9. What Is Page Speed?

The Loading Speed Of A Website Is Called Page Speed. This Has A Major Effect On On-Page SEO. The Faster The Website Loads Efficiently, The More The Search Engines Provide It With A Higher Ranking Because They Also Consider Page Rank In SEO.

10. What Are The Factors That Affect Page Speeds?

The Following Factors Affect The Page Speed:
    A) Page Speed
   B) Size Of Images, Videos, And Files
   C) Excessive, Unwanted Coding.
   D) Load Time.

11. What Is A Keyword?

SEO Keywords, Or Keywords, Are The Words And Phrases That Describe The Content On Your Page And Help You Rank Higher. Keywords Are Important Factors For SEO Professionals And Search Engines When Ranking Websites According To The Search Queries Of Visitors.

12. What Is A Backlink?

Any Incoming Links To A Website Or Webpage Are Known As Backlinks. Search Engines Like Google Also Consider This Factor While Ranking A Website On Their Search Engine Pages. The Higher The Quality Of The Backlinks, The Higher Their Visibility For Search Engines.

13. Name The Important Meta Tags.

The Important Meta Tags Are A) Title Tags; B) Meta Description Tags; And C) The Robot’s Meta Tag.

14. What Is A Title Tag?

A Title Tag Shows Information About The Page In A Short Title; The Title Tag Is Actually The Title Of A Website But In A Short Word. The Title Tag Is A Crucial Part Of SEO.

15. What Is SERP?

Search Engine Result Pages, Or SERP, Refer To The Result That Is Gained After A User Or Visitor Searches For A Query On A Search Engine Like Google Or Bing. SERPs Differ From Query To Query. First, The Sponsored Results And Ads Are Previewed, Then The Organic Results, And The Related Results.

16. Explain The Image’s Alt Text.

An Image Alt Tag Also Called An Alt Attribute Or An Alt Description, Describes An Image On A Web Page. It Is An HTML Attribute Implemented To Image Tags And Visible On The Web Page Itself. Search Engines Cannot Interpret Images. However, Image Alt Text Provides A Text Alternative That Can Be Read By Search Engines. Images With Well-Optimised Alt Text Can Definitely Impact A Web Page’s Ranking.

17. What Are The Most Common SEO Mistakes Made By People?

Not Optimising For The Right Keywords, Not Having A Unique Title Tag And Meta Descriptions, Not Using Different Anchor Text For Every Link, Not Focusing On Link Quality Rather Than Link Quantity, And Using Poor Content For A Website.

18. What Is Anchor Text?

It Is The Clickable Text That Includes A Link. It Is Called A Hyperlink. It Is Usually Bold, Underlined, And In Blue Text. Anchor Texts Tell Visitors And Search Engine Crawlers About The Pages They Are Linking To Next. It Is Used To Enhance The User Experience As It Takes One To The Exact Location With One Click.

19. What Is Googlebot?

The Crawler, Web Crawler, Spider, Or Crawler Software Used By Google Search Engine To Index A Webpage Is Called Google Bot.

20. What Is The Panda Update?

The Panda Update Is Used By Google To Lower The Rank Of Websites Whose Quality Is Low And Increase The Rank Of Websites With High Quality.

21. What Is The Penguin Update?

The Penguin Update Is Used By Google To De-Rank Websites That Have Spam Content And Manipulative Links.

22. What Is The Bounce Rate?

The Percentage Of Visitors Who Visit Our Website And Navigate Away Or Leave Without Taking Any Action On Our Page Is Called The Bounce Rate.

24. What Is The Pirate Update?

The Pirate Update Was Launched In 2012 To De-Rank Websites That Have Copyrighted Content And A High Volume Of Copyright Infringement Reports.

25. How Are Algorithms Useful For SERPs?

Algorithms Are Used To Disqualify All The Sites That Are Not Relevant For A Search, Return A List Of Sites That Aren’t Relevant For That Search, And Later Rank And Prioritize Those Sites In Order Of Importance To Identify Which Sites Are The Most Relevant As Per The Search Query.