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      Course Benefit

      The course provides a comprehensive training to students on all basic aspects of Graphics Design, Image Editing, Web Design, Animation, Special Effects etc. This training enables the students in Graphic designing, Web designing, 2D Animator, Audio-Video Editor, Special Effect and so on.

      Who should attend

      Those who have inherent artistic skill and wish to pursue career in Graphics and designing, with or without any formal education.

      Semester I

      Graphic Designing
      Web & Printing Solutions
      • Logo Design
      • Corporate Stationery
      • Brand Identity
      • Flyer Design
      • Boucher Design
      • Infographic Design
      • Products Design
      • Character Design (2d/3d)
      • Image Editing Effects
      • Photo Editing Effects
      • Before/After Photo Editing
      • Magazine/Book cover Design
      • Vector Icon Design
      • Web Banner Design
      • Poster Design
      • Social Media Ads Design
      • Outdoor Hoarding Design
      • Newspaper Ads Design

      Semester II

      Website Designing With Live Project
      Wire Frame Design
      • Requirement Gathering and Analysis
      • Wire Frame Design (Desktop Version)
      • Wire Frame Design (Mobile Version)
      • Wire Frame Design (Tablet Version)
      Web Layout Design
      • Layout  Design (Desktop Version)
      • Layout  Design (Mobile Version)
      • Layout  Design (Tablet Version)
      Web Page Development
      • HTML5/CSS3 Webpage Development
      • Template Editing (Static Development)
      • Browser & Responsive Development
      Website Testing & Make Live
      • Website Browser Testing
      • Website  Testing (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
      • Linux & Window Server Understanding
      • Website Upload on Server & Make it LIVE

      Semester III

      Dynamic Web Development
      Content Management System (WordPress)
      • Becoming Familiar with the Dashboard
      • Posts, Pages, Tags, Media, and More: Content Administration
      • Tapping into the Core Settings for Your Blog & Other Settings
      • Configuring WordPress to Work Its Best
      • Choosing the Right Settings for Your Blog
      • Moderating Comments and Comment Spam
      • Managing Additional Authors on Your Blog
      • Organizing the Content on Your Blog
      • Understanding Posts Versus Pages
      • Organize Your Posts with Categories
      • Connect Your Posts Together with Tags
      • Creating and Managing Content with WordPress
      • Adding Media to Your Blog and Posts
      • Finding and Using Plugins
      • Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
      • Upgrading Plugins / Recommended
      • Plugins / Finding Plugins

      Semester IV

      Animation Design & Visualization
      • Animation Fundamentals
      • Fundamentals of Design & Visualization
      • Basic drawings with form
      • Study of perspectives
      • Digital drawing
      • Concepts of lighting & shading
      • Digital art
      Pre-production for Animation
      • Concept design
      • Art of storytelling & scriptwriting
      • Character design
      • Layouts
      • Acting & expressions
      • Concepts of storyboarding & film language
      • Editing for animatic
      Production for Animation
      • Concepts of 2D Digital Animation
      • 2D Digital production process
      • Clay modeling
      • 3D Overview
      • Lip Sync & Sound Synchronization
      • Lighting & rendering
      • Concepts of compositing & editing
      • Post-production
      • Digital Portfolio Development

      Semester V

      • Compositing
      • Procedural modeling
      • Color theory & application
      • Focal points
      • Portraiture
      • Atmospheric perspective
      Video Production
      • Digital video & sound, hence eliminates transfer losses.
      • Edits video & multimedia movies in standard formats like AVI, MOV, RAM, MPEG etc.
      • Creates Movie titles and graphics.
      • Super imposes titles and graphics, animation on video and film.
      • Adds transition and special effects.
      • Uses digital filtering for special effects in video & audio tracks
      • Exports projects to video tapes.
      Audio Production
      • Record Sound and then edit it.
      • Superimpose the sound files on Video presentation and Animation.
      • Compress the sound files.
      • Special Effects to the sound files.

      Career Options

      • Graphic Designer
      • Website Designer
      • Photo Editor
      • Game Designer
      • UI/UX Designer
      • HTML and CSS Programmer
      • Static Website Developer
      • HTML and CSS Programmer
      • Dynamic Website Developer
      • WordPress Developer
      • 2D Animator
      • Audio/Video Editor
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