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      Gujarat Council of Vocational Training has declared that all government employees/ officers must have passed computer examination “CCC” to get the promotion.

      This rule was fall under Computer Vocational Training and Examination rules-2006. These courses are mandatory for Government of Gujarat employees (Class I, Class II or Class III) for such employees for promotion or higher pay band process. Below are the some of the list of Government Institutes and Departments employees / officers who need to clear this exam

      1. Computer Communication and Internet

      Basic of Computer networks
      • LAN
      • WAN
      • Internet
      Concept of Internet
      • Application of Internet
      • Service on Inter Net
      • WWW and web-sites
      • Electronic mails
      • Communication on Internets

      2. WWW and Web Browsers

      Web Browsing Software
      • Internet Explorer
      • Netscape Communicator
      • Surfing the Internet
      Giving the URL address
      • Search
      • Moving Around in a web-site
      • Printing or saving portion of web pages
      • Down loading
      • Chatting on Internet

      3. Elements of Word Processing

      Word Processing Basic
      • An Introduction to Word Processing
      • Opening Word Processing Package
      • The Menu Bar
      • Using the Help
      • Using the Icons below menu bar
      • Opening Documents and Closing documents
      Opening Documents
      • Save and Save AS
      • Page Setup
      • Printing of Documents
      • Using the Icons below menu bar
      • Display/Hiding of Paragraph Marks and Inter Word Space
      Moving Around in a Document
      • Scrolling the Document
      • Scrolling by line/paragraph
      • Fast Scrolling and Moving Pages
      • Text Creation and Manipulation
      Paragraph and Tab Setting
      • Text Selection
      • Cut, copy and paste
      • Font and Size selection
      • Bold, Italic and Underline
      • Alignment of Text: Center, Left, right and Justify
      • Formatting the Text
      Changing font, Size and Color
      • Paragraph indenting
      • Bullets and Numbering
      • Use of Tab and Tab setting
      • Changing case
      • Table Manipulation
      Concept of table: Rows Columns and Cells
      • Draw Table
      • Changing cell Width and Height
      • Alignment of Text in Cell
      • Copying of cell
      • Delete/insertion of row and columns
      • Borders for Table
      • Printing

      4. Email

      Basic of electronic mail
      • What is an Electronic mail
      • Email addressing
      • Mailbox: Inbox and outbox
      • Using Emails
      Viewing an email
      • Sending an Email
      • Saving mails
      • Sending same mail to various users
      • Document handling
      • Sending soft copy as attachment
      • Enclosures to email
      • Sending a Portion of document as email

      5. Elements of Electronics Spread Sheet

      Application/usage of Electronic Spread Sheet
      • Opening of Spread Sheet
      • The menu bar
      • Cell inputting
      • Creation of cells and addressing of cells
      • Manipulation of cells
      Enter texts numbers and dates
      • Creation of tables
      • Cell Height and Widths
      • Copying of cells
      • Providing Formulas
      • Using basic functions / formalism a cell
      • Sum function
      • Average
      • Other basic functions
      • Spread sheets for Small accountings
      • Percentage
      • Maintaining invoices/budgets
      • Totaling of various transactions
      • Maintaining daily and monthly sales reports

      6. Making Presentations

      • Difference between presentation and document
      • Using Power Point
      • Opening a Power Point Presentation
      • Using Wizard for creating a presentation
      • Creation of Presentation
      • Text Creation
      • Fonts and Sizes
      • Moving to Next Slide
      • Bullets and indenting
      • Preparation of Slides
      Selection of type of Slides
      • Importing text from word documents
      • Moving to next Slide
      • The Slide manager
      • Providing aesthetics
      Slide Designs
      • Background and Text colors
      • Making your own slide format
      • Footnotes and slide numbering

      7. Slide Manipulation and Slide Show (Presentation of the Slides)

      • Using the Slide Show
      • Printing the Slides and Handouts
      • Slide sorter
      • Title sorter
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