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      We offer best training through online with experts. Angular is a kind of front end framework where we can use this to build any kind of application as the JavaScript technology is pretty much growing fast we are here to provide you the complete insights of Angular and make you familiar with usage of angular and JavaScript.

      Syllabus is an advanced client-side framework based on the MVC pattern that allows developers to extend the HTML vocabulary and make the written code much more expressive and readable. With , developers can create custom HTML elements with complex behaviors, two way data binding and much more.

      Introduction of Web Technology
      • Introduction to JS
      • What is Angular?
      • Why to use angular among N number of frameworks available.
      • How to use angular
      • First Steps
      • Angular Invocation
      • Core modules
      • Compilation
      • Execution cycle
      Exploring Data Types & Functions
      • Objects
      • Strings
      • Numbers
      • Auto Casting
      • Prototype
      • Function
      • Self Invocing Functions
      • Array
      • Booleans
      • Un defined
      Control Structures: Logical Expressions
      • If statements
      • Else and elseif statements
      • Logical operators
      • Switch statements
      Control Structures: Loops
      • For loops
      • For each loops
      • Continue
      • Break
      User-Defined Functions
      • Defining functions
      • Function arguments
      • Returning values from a function
      • Multiple return values
      • Scope and global variables
      • Developer’s console
      • Warnings and errors
      • Debugging and troubleshooting
      HTML compilation and Angular Compilation
      • Compilation phase
      • Angular Compilation
      Actual Angular Topics
      • Modules
      • Controllers
      • Dependency Injection
      • Service
      • Filters
      • Data Binding
      • Scopes
      • Template
      • Directives
      • Routers
      • Providers
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