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      This course will teach students the basics of this point-and-line design system, including such elements as art board control, zooming and scrolling, using and customizing keyboard shortcuts and fine-tuning image transformations etc. and building custom shapes, modifying the art board grid, adding and manipulating text, creating animations and taking advantage of the raster-conversion feature.

      It is also geared towards various type of drawing, such as fashion design, cartography, cartooning or architectural drafting. Since the vector design system is so flexible, Illustrator courses can be helpful to creative professionals in nearly any visual discipline.

      Learning Outcomes of illustrator

      • Introduction with illustrator dashboard
      • Advanced Image Editing
      • Working with Illustrator Documents
      • Painting with Illustrator
      • Working with Type
      • Printing Process
      • Saving and Importing Images Practical
      • Working with Art boards
      • Drawing shapes and Lines
      • Applying Color
      • Working with shape builder
      • Working with width tool
      • Creating and Editing Gradients
      • Placing Adobe Photoshop Images in Illustrator
      • Using Image Trace
      • Working with the color guide panel
      • Creating and applying a pattern
      • Working with type
      • Working with drawing modes
      • Working with brushes
      • Using the appearance panel and effects
      • Working with Strokes
      • Aligning Content
      • Working with Perspective
      • Working with Symbols


      • Graphic Designer
      • Graphic Tutors
      • Product Designer
      • Character Designer
      • Game Designer
      • Image/Photo Editor
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